Amerikan Miniatur Donkeys From bavaria

Welcome to the Daxstein donkey farm. We breed original American miniature donkeys from the best lines with great care and love.



Here our donkeys live in a species-appropriate and lovingly cared for, on our organic mountain farm. On this page you will find all information about our donkey breeding, especially the American miniature donkeys that actually come from Sardinia ...


We have been building up our breeding slowly and carefully since 2017. First and foremost, we pay attention to health, a beautiful and stable building, good gait and teeth as well as a friendly nature ... if all of this is fulfilled we hope for a nice charisma.


Since our donkeys are also used for donkey hiking in our hiking business (for tours or therapeutic work), we rarely have to give up animals ... but if, ... you can find it on this page. Of course only in a species-appropriate attitude towards other donkeys or in pairs, since donkeys make deep friendships ... if you are lucky ... sometimes with people.



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american miniature Donkey Minidonkey MiniEzel Microesel Anes miniature

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